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Dj Starwalk (Alexandros Zymbragoudakis) began his career as a Disc Jockey in the early 1990s. Playing in various Bars, Clubs in the area of ​​Chania, which had specialized music. At the same time, he began his career as a radio producer and in his show he presented the whole range of musical waves of the time (Acid Jazz, Indie Rock, Trip Hop and dance music) and giving emphasis to Soul, Funk sounds of the 70's.

In 1996, he formed the Eclipsis team, and held underground dance parties throughout Crete until 2001.

He has played together with Alex P., Eddie Lock, Slipmat, Greg Richards, G-Pal. In the late 1990s, gaining more experience and 3 years of experience in a local record store and knowledge of the music industry, he began learning and producing electronic music.

Creating tracks House, Progressive House, Breakbeat or sometimes more chill out tracks, influenced by his favorite bands - artists Depeche Mode, Underworld, Future Sound of London, Vangelis etc.

In 2006, he expanded his home studio into a professional space and continued his radio shows with DJ sets, which you can "download" in the corresponding section.

The first world release for DJ Starwalk, EP "Her Voice" from SANTOS recordings, took place in March 2011.

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