Sound mastering is a specialized profession, but we also know that personal taste plays a big part in satisfying results. Our mastering services with high quality equipment, low prices and a highly experienced mastering engineer can make your music better by providing crystal clear quality with care and attention given that each track is unique, can enhance the sound quality and add the ultimate sheen, warmth, energy and clarity to your music. We ensure that the sound will sound the best it can for all sound systems, from a club sound system to your i Pod radio or car.

On line mastering process

On line mastering services are available on our website. You can upload the track or album for upload to the server which is free of charge and we can collaborate at all stages further via email. It is vital for us to keep the communication high so that you can send us information as much as possible so that we understand your needs and tailor the process exactly to deliver great results. When the upload process is complete and after the payment is complete, we check the tracks carefully, and tell you our opinion. Soon we will send you a demo of your file to evaluate and after approval you will be available to download.

Equipment and Techniques

We have a combination of high quality analogue hardware and software to produce your recordings and return them to you in 16bit 44.1 KHz WAV format. We are building our mastering suite around one of the most professional DSP based applications in the world. This combination of hardware and software gives you the flexibility to produce the complex logs needed to produce prestigious digital files. Proper acoustics and tuning of equipment in the mastering studio is an important factor as the mastering engineer listens to a harmonious, balanced whole acoustic frequency spectrum. The audio mastering process varies depending on the particular needs of the track to be processed.

Mastering Tasks

  • Reduce noise to eliminate clicks or noises
  • Adjust stereo width
  • Sound equalization on all tracks
  • Frequency equalization
  • Volume Adjustment
  • Dynamic row extension or compression
  • Peak Limit