The recording studio is a pleasant room with plenty of lighting, fully air-conditioned and properly ventilated. It is a room with the right sound insulation with perfect acoustics and floating floor.

For speech or text reading recording we can provide you with the top microphones: Neumann, TLM 49, TLM 103, oktava-KK 21.

For their preamplifier warm-up, we can provide you with the following preamplifiers: Universal Audio Z-610 Tube preamplifier and TLA Audio PA-1 Dual Pentode Valve Preamp and Fosusrite ISA 428.

We also have the classic microphones Shure-SM 57, Shure – SM 58 together with a full Audix Drum set.

The recording sampling can come up to 24 bit/96 khz with the MOTU Audio Interfaces: 2408 mk3 and 241/0

In the recording studio there are the following amplifiers:

  • Orange AD30 with lamp preamplifier and the Marsall MG 100DFX, where you can put the pedals with the sound effects you like, or you can bring an amplifier of your choice.
  • Bass Amps: Gallien Krueger NEO 1001/212 amplifier, and also we have the Drums DW, with Paiste PST Cymbals.
  • For your recordings we provide you with the Synthesizer Nord Rack 2 and the Virus TI.

The studio can do the full production – editing, mixing, mastering – so you can get the final product of your work on a CD.

Listen to samples of recordings

Production of radio spot:

Recordings - mixes: