If you just looking for a place for rehearsals, that has the right sound insulation, with floating floor and good acoustics, fully air-conditioned, ventilated, nice colors, and lighting, Digital Wave Studio, can offer all this to you.

We offer the studio for band’s rehearsals or just musicians.

You have the chance to hear the sound of your guitar coming out from an Orange Amp or the “old time classic” Marshall Amp, or play the Drums with the DW set, and bass with the Gallien Krueger. 



2 hours rehearsal + Demo CD only 30€ !!!


  • Guitar Amplifiers: Marshall MG100DFX, Orange AD30
  • Bass boosters: Gallien Krueger Νeo 1001/212
  • Drums: DW Pacific Drum Seet, Cymbals: Paiste PST 3
  • Monitors: 2χAchat 115MA 350W RMS, 131dB
  • Microphones: Shure SM58, Shure SM 57
  • Console: Makie Onyx 1620

We offer

  • PA & Βackline equipment with sound insulation and air conditioning.
  • Music equipment rental for events.
  • Sound recording and recording.
  • Open 7 days a week.
  • The minimum number of hours you can book a rehearsal studio is 4 per week.


For rehearsal bookings you have to inform us, so we can confirm it, at least two days earlier.