Sunday May 26

What is On-line Mastering?

mastering universal audio 2 610 tube

Audio Mastering is a specialized profession, but we also know that in order to have the best results, personal taste plays a major role too. Our Mastering Services offer you high quality equipment , low prices and a highly experienced mastering engineer that can improve your music by ensuring a crystal quality with care and attention and having in mind that each music piece is unique. What is more, not only the sound will be improved but also your music will have the final sheen, warmth, energy and clarity that deserves. We ensure that the sound will be of the highest quality for almost every audio system. From an audio club, your iPod to your radio in the car.

The process of On line mastering

The service of on line mastering is now available on our website. You can upload music tracks or even the album for elaboration to the server that is free and we can work together in every stage through distance via This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . It is vital for us to maintain communication at a high level by sending us information as much as possible in order to understand your needs and customize them to the perfect process for you and have the best results. Once the uploading is completed and the payment we check the music items carefully, and express you our opinion. Soon you will receive a demo with your tracks from your record to assess it and after your approval, your tracks will be available for downloading.

On-line Mastering samples by Digital Wave Studio