Recordings The recording room is pleasant with good lighting, air conditioning and ventilation. It is a well insulated room with excellent acoustics and a floating floor.

For recording voice or narrative texts, we provide top microphones Neumann-TLM 49, TLM 103, Oktava-KK 219.

To warm the preamplifier preamplifiers have the following: Universal Audio Z-610 Tube Preamplifier and TLA AudioPA-1 Dual Pentode Valve Preamp and Fosusrite ISA 428. We also have classic microphones Shure - SM 57, Shure - SM 58 and a complete Drum Set of Audix.

Sampling of the recording can reach 24bit/96Khz to Audio Interfaces of MOTU: 2408 mk3 and 24 I / O.

In the space of recording amplifiers are as follows:
  • Guitar amp Orange AD 30 lamp with preamp and Marshall MG 100 DFX where you can add effects pedals you prefer or bring an amp of your choice.
  • For bass amp Gallien Krueger NEO 1001 / 212. Also, we Drums DW with cymbals Paiste PST
Finally, the recordings are available as follows Synthesizer Nord Rack 2 and the Virus TI.

The studio took the full production (editing, mixing, mastering) to obtain the final product of your work on cd.

Recordings Also in, the studio is a complete mixing system from Pioneer for Disk Jockey who want to record their set. Listen to sample recordings:

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