christening  Your child’s christening is a very important family event. It must be well organized as so to be a successful event. One of the most important decision you have to make, it concerns the music entertainment of your guests at the Christening reception.

If you hire us then you hire a professional DeeJay with a great experience in social events. The difference between a professional Dj and an amateur its in the way of how he/she will handle and organized, together with you, the music production of your Christening reception.

We will recommend you some music themes that are suitable to your own needs. Music demos that intend to make your guests get in the mood, make your child’s Christening a very special event and of course create the best impressions. During the reception meal, kids can have fun too with Clowns or/and a special music coverage, the sound part should not be a problem at all.

DJ Alexandros Zimbragoudakis DJ Alexandros Zimbragoudakis cover the sound part with the professional speakers JBL, at any place, big or small, and the Pioneer sound mix system for the best sound quality. Our sound system includes a sound analyzer dbx, for the any cool customers. Also we offer lighting effects, smoke machine, video projectors, and peripherals systems, so you can project any photos on your event.

Κλόουν show σε πάρτυ βάφτισης Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further information that concerns the music cover of your child Christening.

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