Monday Jun 17

Karaoke Parties

Star Caraoke by Digital Wave Studio

How about having at your party a song contest?

Want to have your guests on the dance floor all night long?

Make them feel a bit like rock stars, get in the mood, and create a friendly atmosphere?


We are the lead in Chania, with many Hotels and well-known Clubs as our customers.


Full music library  from 1960 - present , including Greek pop music, as well as foreign music.


Using video projector, and wireless  microphones for your guests to feel free so sing and to move in the space around them


With a special karaoke that we import special, from the States, with the ability to change the song key if asked.


With many songs, together with their lyrics, from different countries, such as : Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Germany and England.


Επιλογή γλώσσας


Dj Starwalk