Your child's Christening is an important family event. It requires proper organization for a successful event. One of the most important decisions you can make is to entertain your guests at the christening party.

If your choice is us, then you have chosen a professional Disc Jockey with experience in the field of events. The difference between a professional and an amateur is obvious from the way he manages and organizes the musical production of the reception.

It will suggest music programs that are always designed to your liking. Music programs that aim to catch the pulse of your guests by achieving real fun by making your christening a special event and leaving the best impressions. During the meal there is the possibility of entertaining the children with clowns or children's songs.

Dj for Christening

D.J. Alexandros Zymvragoudakis has been working professionally in the field of events since 1993 with zeal and passion, having a huge collection of musical selections from classic and new sounds from both Greece and around the world. With your cooperation, he designs and proposes the music investment for this special moment of yours. Aside from the music investment, the soundtrack is something you shouldn't worry about.

D.J. Alexandros Zymvragoudakis also covers the audio section with professional JBL speakers for any small or large space, and with a Pioneer mixing system for excellent sound quality. A sound system that includes even a dbx audio analyzer for the most demanding professional sound.

We also have photorhythmics, a smoke machine, a video projector with all the peripheral systems for displaying relevant photos at your event.

Do not hesitate to call us for any more information regarding the musical investment of the reception for your baptism.

Photos from christening events

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